Going to The Salon for Black Women: A Ritual Paused During COVID-19


Going to the salon is ritualistic event for many black women. This is because it is a place of community, therapy, and socialization, on top of hair care. For example, on an episode of Blackish, the young daughter has her first experience in the salon where she also receives her first relaxer and is immediately brought into the hour-ling session that is usual in black beauty salons. In Black Girl Church, which is a documentary about black women and their relationships to salons, treats the experience as a near-religious ceremony and a sanctuary for one of the black community. 

But when COVID-19 shut down all salons and black beauty stores among them, many black women were forced to take matters into their own hands. It really made black women aware of how much they relied on the salon experience, and to be honest, it is really speculative whether they should have been shut down in the first place, as clearly, they are essential, as they help with grooming and hygiene. 

There have been an influx of YouTube beauticians that help black women keep up their hair, as well as blogs that have been written by different black women to help you continue in your hair care journey. 

Just remember that this hair care journey has only slightly changed and you should be up and ready to go back to the salon any day now. But hopefully this experience has given you the time to learn more about your hair and has treated you with a sense of autonomy when it comes to taking care of your hair.