Tools for maintaining African American hair


Be sure that before you decide to carry out any task, remember that it’s crucial to be sure you’re stocked up with the right tools. Sure, it’s true that most products can be picked up for very little at your local drug store, but you do deserve to get the best products you can afford. When you look like your best self, you feel like your best self. 

On the other end of the spectrum, we do not believe in paying tons of money for fancy packaging or a brand from a totally high end salon, since it’s a fact that there are much better products available from specialty stores like Treasured Locks or even your local salon. Here are some examples of supplies you can get for maintaining African American hair:

  • Get wide tooth comb or pick or brush made for African American hair. We like “detangling” combs like the NuBone and the Knot Genie
  • Good moisturizing and cream conditioner. Knot No More is a must. Not only is it good for removing braids, twists, etc. without damaging the hair. It’s amazing for every day comb outs. It’s the product you wish your mother had when you were young.
  • Deep conditioning like Deep V Conditioner- once a month along with the HydraCap
  • Satin sleep cap or satin pillow cases
  • Spray bottle to spritz hair in case you just want to hit it with some water to comb

Here are Additional Tips for combing out Black hair

This section will be particularly important to those of you who have not worked with kinky hair.

  • Never try to comb out kinky hair while it is dry.
  • Use a moisturizer to provide elasticity to the hair and to reduce friction.
  • Be sure you have a wide tooth comb. You might want to look for a “detangling” comb. If you’re used to fine tooth combs, it might look a little strange to you. But, generally speaking, the farther apart the teeth the better.
  • Do not use bristled brushes because I find they tend to grab the hair. I have a Knot Genie which does a great job on the girls’ natural hair. It’s a combination comb and brush in one device. It’s shaped like a brush, but has round teeth more like a comb.
  • Conditioner also helps lessen the breakage and pulling caused by tangling. Tangling happens when the cuticle of one strand of hair (which are more raised in Black and Biracial hair) catches on the cuticle of another hair. Conditioner also smooths over rough broken edges of the outer layer of hair. By smoothing over the outer layer of the hair, conditioner makes the hair feel softer, reflect light better and keeps it from tangling and breaking as much. Lastly, the protective coating left on by conditioner holds moisture and reduces static electricity.